Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Cisco and Digital Realty Trust Dividend Increase

Cisco just increased its dividend by 11.7%.  The new quarterly dividend will be $.19 up from $.17.  I own 240 shares so my yearly dividends will increase by $19.20.  Dividend increases are so cool!

I was a bit hesitant to buy Cisco back in December.  It was one of a few "dogs of the dow" that I was watching.  Other "dogs" that I have purchased recently include PFE, T, and GE. The reason I was hesitant was because I thought that I might have another Intel on my hands.  Old guard high tech companies have had a rough couple of years.

This is a welcome dividend increase.  Hopefully DLR, PG, and KO will follow with dividend increases in the near future.


I just noticed that DLR also increased its dividend by 6.4% The new quarterly dividend will be $.83 up from $.78.  I own 100 shares which means my dividend will increase by $20.00 a year.

Between CSCO and DLR my yearly dividends will increase by $39.20!!  To put this increase in perspective, the $900 in new capital invested yesterday only increased my yearly dividend by $38.52.  It is dividend raises like these that reinforce my enthusiasm of DGI.


  1. Wow that is neat. The dividend raise is increasing your income more than your recent purchase! Gotta love it:)

  2. Dexter,

    Thanks for visiting! Yeah the raise is a cool feeling. Hopefully Coke and P&G will soon raise their dividends. I just visited your site. It looks like you are creating a nice portfolio yourself.