Thursday, February 20, 2014

KO Dividend Increase

Coca Cola raised its quarterly dividend today from $.28 a share to $.305 a share.  After some shaky earnings news last week I was expecting a smaller raise.  Since I currently own 120 shares of KO my yearly dividends will rise by $12.00 from $134.40 to $146.40.

Coke is the third company that I own to announce a dividend raise this month.  The other two are DLR and CSCO.


  1. Very nice, I am happy to hear about this raise! I was expecting 30 cents or 29 cents. I'm a little disappointed with the WMT raise so this makes up for it:)

    1. Dexter,

      The coke raise was unexpected but welcomed. I was think about initiating a position in Walmart, but the yield is a bit low for me. If they had come out with a high raise I probably would have picked some up. I will probably add to both Coke and Pepsi next week.

      Take care,