Thursday, February 6, 2014

January 2014 Passive Income Summary

Here are the stocks, bonds and mutual funds I received income from in January.

Taxable Accounts: $510.54                                             

AHITX --- $263.34
PM --- $56.40
MO --- $72.00
DLR --- $78.00
CSCO --- $40.80

401K: $180.28

AHITX --- $138.96
ABNDX --- $41.32

January Totals:  $690.82

Stocks on my watchlist for February are UL, T, MO, CVX, TRV, K, BP, PM, ESV, GE, WMT, MMM, CLX and GM.  GM declared its first dividend since emerging from bankruptcy.  I know there are risks with auto companies, but GM was once considered a "widows and orphans" company.  It may very well regain that status in the coming years.


  1. $510 in you taxable account is awesome. Especially since January is a slower month for dividends. I've got way too many companies on my watchlist and no capital. Not a good situation to be in. Well, I can probably squeeze in another purchase if the right deal comes along.

    1. Passive IncomePursuit,

      Yeah, I receive about $250-$275 each month from a high yield bond fund. I just started investing in individual companies last July. Like you, my capital is low because I bought a lot of companies in a relatively short period of time. While I am not totally in love with the idea of fixed income, I do appreciate the way it acts as a shock absorber to market volatility. This year I plan on increasing my dividend stock exposure significantly.

      Thanks for stopping by!