Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Weekly Purchases

Here are my automatic investments for this week.

  • RDS-b:  4.31 shares @ $57.98 --- Yield  6.48%
  • CVX:  2.61 shares @ $95.64 --- Yield  4.48%
  • XOM:  3.02 shares @ $82.75 --- Yield  3.53%
  • UNP:  2.56 shares @ $97.49 --- Yield  2.26%

Total capital invested is $1000 ($250 in each company). The combined yield is 4.19% and will add $41.88 to my yearly dividends.

Well it looks like the latest turmoil in Greece has come and gone at least until the next panic in Greece arises. :-) Stocks are rallying, oil is falling, so in other words....business as usual.

I will try to keep averaging down on my energy companies, but I may make a larger purchase soon. Canadian banks continue to badly lag behind American banks so I may look at a Canadian bank. I already own shares of TD so I will most likely add to that position. Also Aflac has been drifting down recently.



  1. MDP,

    Nice job maintaining your consistency, I like it. Great way to keep investing and there was a pullback in the companies you have above, especially the oil co's.


    1. Lanny,

      Relentless, monotonous, systematic grinding wins the game over time. That's what it's all about. Don't lose focus!


  2. I really like UNP at this price, don't get me wrong I like the energy companies, but UNP is a machine looking down the road. On my way to Laredo today from San Antonio I saw oodles of UNP trains. I've seen trains get bashed by Cramer and other such 'gurus', but the fact is they keep rolling and making money. And we keep getting paid by them.

    Happy owning,

    1. DG,

      I would love to continue building my UNP position under $100. Under $90 would be even better! :-) It looks like you are going from one extreme (Austin) to the the other (Laredo). Have fun! :-)


  3. MDP,
    Let me guess - your theme this week is - energy. Okay UNP is the odd one out.
    Good to see that you are constantly investing, picking the distressed sectors, and building your snowball.

    1. Div Son,

      Yeah I have no idea why I added UNP other than I just wanted to have one outlier in this week's purchases. :-)